Xcessive Force

Is this amount of force really necessary?  Look at that giant, concave crater on the back on the back of my hand!  There’s gotta be a simpler way to get my hands dry.  For example, what ever happened to the classic restroom paper towel?

This machine is really more of a weapon than anything else.  You’ve seen what it can do to the back of someone’s hand; imagine what it can do to the human cheek or forehead.  What I’m saying is, they should make a gun with one of these Xlerator hand dryers at the end of it.  It probably won’t actually hurt anyone, per se, but it will definitely at least annoy the crap out of them and make them temporarily go deaf.  They’ll also probably have an extremely dry, scalding hot face afterward.   Take that, beyotch.  USA!  USA!  USA!


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