You Invite Me To Your Wedding And This Is How You Treat Me? I Thought We Were Friends.

Whoever invented this system of keeping track of response cards really didn’t think through all of the ramifications.  Sure, it may make it easy for you to keep track of responses, but it also lets me know exactly where I fall in the pecking order of friendship.  Let’s see.  I am invitation number 186, which means there were 185 invitations before me.  And we have to assume that many of these invitations are for couples and families, so for argument’s sake, let’s assume that each invitation is for an average of 1.8 people.  That means there were 333 people invited ahead of me!  Theoretically, if you are having a 2,000 person wedding, I might actually feel honored with my ranking.  But I’ve been to your wedding venue before, and I can’t see that catering hall being able to accommodate much more than 350, maybe 400 people max.  Soooo what am I supposed to make of this?  Did I barely make the cut?  From this ranking, it sounds like I must have been on your B-list.  Fuck you, we’re not friends anymore.


3 Responses to “You Invite Me To Your Wedding And This Is How You Treat Me? I Thought We Were Friends.”

  1. Marcy Twain says:

    This is why I’m so glad I eloped. I got super tired of everyone making my wedding about themselves very early in the planning process.

  2. laura d says:

    Ha! This is hysterical! As I was numbering our totally randomly sorted wedding invite list I wondered if people would notice what number they were. I once got a 16 and felt pretty special! Just so you know for us though, wherever you fell on the list was not a reflection of how much we like you. 🙂

    • Blake says:

      I believe I was around 56 or so on your list, and since I imagine Edgardo rolls pretty deep, I was happy with my ranking.

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