You Shut The Hell Up And Give This Man Some Respect

This advertisement is all over the NYC subways and has been for a while.  I don’t know why, but something tells me that this guy John Roland has never been arrested for anything related to immigration.  As a matter of fact, who the fuck is John Roland?  Here we go:

“Shit!  I got in a freak car accident, and the police came, so now INS is up my ass about my citizenship status. What do I do during this incredibly important crisis?  I know!  I’ll ask John fucking Roland, a (forcibly?) retired news anchor, for his opinion.”   Okay, admittedly, he did cover the Charles Manson murders and the RFK assassination during his career as an anchor, which is pretty cool, but it still doesn’t qualify him to advise me on who to call when I’ve been arrested.

FYI – the tiny lettering underneath the name John Roland says “Compensated spokesperson.”  They actually pay him for his unqualifications and complete lack of expertise.  Basically, he’s an old, white dude who the 1-800-IMMIGRATION marketing people think looks lawyerly and wise.


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